Thursday, November 27, 2008

Now I Can See What the Fun!

“Please start your computer and open a game!” said Aswadi, our trainer of that day, “Whatever game you want”.

While anyone is wondering and searching where the power button is, Pak Mohammad Afrizal only smiling at the trainer; having no idea what is happening in the room. Pak Afrizal just like most of these people, men and women invited from various offices of district government. Nagan Raya is starting the computer training in CRC. They came here early, coming to the room in confusions: who to sit next to, wondering how to touch the small thing people call “mouse”. Mostly silent, no one talks to anyone, but after the trainer introduce himself and briefly explain the whole purpose of the training, smiley faces rose up.

The three days training for each of ten members group is facilitated by UNORC KRF members. Like in every other districts and cities, our team starts the establishment of the CRC by facilitating training, while waiting the commitment of government and NGOs to do the same. This CRC room is located in Bappeda’s building, first floor, and secluded in the corner. While waiting UPS and LAN connections applicable in the room, CRC functions need to be established as soon as possible. The Bupati, Mr. Teuku Zulkarnaini, after seeing the training, express his gratitude to UNORC efforts, on continuous commitment to the development and capacity building support to the district. The internet access that he has promised to be put up in the district is in due process and waiting to be built in couple of months.

This computer training for novice is planned to go on up until mid December. Around 60 people interested and respond to our invitation, and they are being trained in basic computer knowledge: knowing functions of mouse, monitor, keyboard, etc; Microsoft windows, file setting, and other simple programs. At this time, only few departments in the Bupati’s office have computers, and only 30% members of these respective dinas familiar with computers. Even many of them own laptops but ask their assistant to operate simple windows operation. Some have little clue, some knew how to type but do not have the clue of computer system. “I knew how to type letters, but I don’t’ know how to search documents. Now I know how to do them. It actually very easy”, said one officer from Social Dinas. He added, “I have many friends smiling when playing games on their computers, It’s hard for me to know what is so fun abot it. But, now I knew what the fun is all about and know how to do it as well”.

To many of us that have been taught and depended on computers to work for many many years, it has been since the very young age we knew how to do it. We even have computers as gift when we are still in high school. But to these men and women, computers are far from reality. To have people train them without taking any fees; simply helping them. To have computers in their hands is just like a dream come true. Not because they couldn’t afford it. But simply because they can learn how to use it, play it, and found what the fun is all about.

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